Supporting educators and inspiring students with well-organized college tours.

At Explore Colleges, we’re guided by a mission that is shared by many of our clients: to do well by doing good. We’re passionate about education and inspiring all students to realize their unique potential – but we also recognize that our ability to contribute to this goal depends on how well we serve our clients: education professionals.

Transformational Experiences

For an educator, there’s nothing more rewarding than to witness the moment the light bulb clicks on in a student’s mind. When indifference or frustration departs and excitement, then resolve, become apparent in the child’s attitude and energy.

That’s what inspires us at Explore Colleges. That, and the sense of contentment and relaxation we see come over the educators on our well-organized college tours. We see this time and again – and in those who book tours every year with us, we see the happy anticipation of it!

Simply put, our mission is to deliver the best possible college tour experiences for students and educators. This means:

All of our tours are customized according to:

  • According to group age — from middle school students’ initial exposure to college to high school seniors’ final college selection process;
  • College size and culture – from Historic Black Colleges and Universities to large state universities to private Ivy League colleges;
  • Academic concentrations – from liberal arts to STEM tours and presentations;
  • Geographic region – from the north to south, coast-to-coast;
  • Time allotment – from one-day to one-week tours;
  • Budget – from campus-only tours to those that include a wide range of cultural experiences; and
  • Whatever other requirements or preferences you have!

Exceeded Expectations

Why do program coordinators come back to us year after year? It’s in the details! We make taking large groups of students on educational trips to new towns and cities easy.   All of your needs and every potential complication are anticipated, so your students can derive the maximum benefit from the trip – and you can enjoy having someone else taking care things (for a change!).

From general concept to research, to logistics planning and budgeting, to the actual tour and even afterward we work with you and for you to ensure that you’ll be one of the many program coordinators who come back to us year after year!

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