College trips to educate and motivate your child

There are a variety of reasons why it is not always possible for parents to take their children on college tours. Fortunately, Explore Colleges offers schools group tours with their teachers and program coordinators that provide students with safe, educational and inspiring campus touring experiences.

How does Explore Colleges ensure the safety of students on their tours?

For over 10 years, Explore Colleges has been conducting fully supported studentssingle and multi-day tours with experienced guides who accompany the groups throughout their travels and licensed security personnel who monitor all overnight accommodations at 3-4 star hotels.

How are the students transported from college to college?

Explore Colleges works with only premier motorcoach companies whose safety records reflect the experience of their drivers and the superior condition of their buses. Please see one of our sample tour itineraries.

How many chaperones accompany Explore Colleges tours?

The ratio of chaperones-to-students on every tour is determined by each school’s field trip guidelines.  These chaperones are supported around-the-clock by an experienced Explore Colleges guide who accompanies each of these motivational college trips.

How will a college tour benefit my child?

Explore Colleges tours provide an opportunity for students to preview, first hand, the culture, and environment of colleges and universities and to explore each’s campuses, student life, academic programs, dining hall offerings, and much more. They also learn about admissions requirements, tuition costs, and grant/scholarship/merit award possibilities.

Finally, touring colleges with classmates, teachers and experienced guides is often less intimidating and more inspiring for students than venturing onto campuses by themselves. For many, these can be transformational experiences!

How should my child prepare for the tour?

We provide detailed travel itineraries, college-specific information, packing recommendations and other important documents to the teachers/program coordinators at each school that can be shared with students prior to the tour. An excellent free tool for students to evaluate and rate each of the schools they visit can be downloaded PRIOR TO THEIR TRIP here.

What are some of thing I should discuss with my child when he/she returns?

If your child used our free College Rating Tool, he or she will have plenty of points about each college to share with you. Alternately, a good place to start would be to ask your child, “Can you envision yourself as a student at X college? Why or why not?” Other revealing questions may include:

What was your favorite thing on each campus?
Which campus would you like me to see and why?
Did you learn anything unexpected about college life?
Did anything you learned inspire you to think differently about what you’re studying now or what you want to study in the future?
Have you thought about what it might require to attend X school?